Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Spartak - The Lost Signal Tour

TIME : 5 PM - 9 PM

This July sees one of Australia’s most exciting improvising duos Spartak take the road again in support of their new mini album ‘No Signal’, a collection of new work following on from last year’s acclaimed ‘Tales From The Colony Room’, released on hellosQuare recordings. This tour will also see Spartak return to Singapore and Malaysia with their equally beautiful and caustic music to again after their successful first trip back in 2007.

As Spartak, Shoeb Ahmad (guitar, computer, voice, woodwinds) and Evan Dorrian (drum kit, percussion, computer, field recordings) have spent the last three years exploring a hybrid sound of ‘indie’ rock, free jazz, electronic music and modern composition through improvisation, both live and on record.

Spartak says'

"We are two persons of middle class suburbia surrounded by models of free market economics. We have played shows in Australia, Malaysia and Singapore with Adrian Klumpes, Blarke Bayer, ii, Anonymeye, Cleptoclectics, My Disco, Leafcutter John, Sebastien Roux, M.Rosner, Sanso-xtro, Ohana, To the North, Spider Vomit, Akta Angkasa, Scul Hazzards, The Rational Academy, Off Minor, Sun of The Seventh Sister, Andrew Pekler, Birchville Cat Motel, Lucky Dragons, KK Null, Candlesnuffer/Black Widow, Guru Guru amongst others"


‘If post-rock were defined more literally, Spartak would be its standard bearers’ (Time Off Magazine - Australia)

‘Great free inspired rock/jazz/electronics, along the lines of their Viennese counterparts of Radian and all their off spring’ (Vital Weekly – The Netherlands)

‘Like some post-punk composite of high concept sound art and cathartic rock abandon’ (Cyclic Defrost - Australia)

‘Beautifully sparkling post-jazz processed pleasure’ (Rock-A-Rolla Magazine – UK)

‘Spartak are set to become one of Australia's most current and exciting experimental acts’ (The Silent Ballet – USA)

Fans of Earth, KTL, Tim Hecker, Lawrence English, Animal Collective, and 12k would love Spartak

Supporting bands:


Citizens of Ice Cream

Killeur Calculateur